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The political system in the United States consists of a group of institutions, including the institution of the presidency, and from this point of view comes the importance of the topic of Sumner, which was held in the hall of Imam Ali (pbuh) for the teacher Dr. Amjad Rasoul Al-Awadi (the institution of the American presidency and its role in policymaking) as an initial attempt to identify the decision-making process from within in order to possess additional knowledge of American political performance in the future, because the decision-making process and its applications are exposed If we understand it – regardless – of the value dependencies, we will conclude How will these decisions be and what are their motives, so the institution of the presidency and the executive bodies emanating from it from ministries, agencies and councils were touched upon and the tasks of each of them were recorded with the definition of them, and the partisan life was introduced to its connection to the presidential elections and the method of nomination for them.

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