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A workshop was held on the Iraqi cultural heritage

The second international electronic workshop was held for a project to save the Iraqi cultural heritage implemented by the universities of Mosul and Kufa in cooperation with the British University of Bristol.
It was attended by the presidents of the University of Kufa and Mosul, Minister of Culture prof.Dr. Hassan Nadhem and many official personalities.

The workshop included lectures, the first lecture was on “What is heritage good for? Linking past and present for the future of Iraq” by Prof.Eleanor Robson is a Professor of Ancient Middle Eastern History at the Department of History, University College London.

The second lecture on “Open Cultural Heritage Resources and Education” (OCHRE) by prof.Robin Shields from the University of Bristol and prof. Ahmed Al-imarah from The University of Kufa
the lecture content Project Motivation, Rich Cultural Heritage in Iraq, Multicultural and diverse heritage, Opportunity to promote understanding and Resources on Online Learning.

The workshop shows government and academic support for the save of cultural heritage.

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