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Scientific conference: Post-traumatic stress disorders

The University of Kufa, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the International Institute for Trauma Recovery, held the Scientific Conference “Post Traumatic Stress Disorders”.
The President of the University, Prof.Dr. Yasir Lafta Hassoun said that holding the conference is based on the university’s mission to shed light on social phenomena, study them and find appropriate solutions to them to address them, especially the negative ones, indicating that the university is concerned with taking care of the youth category, especially since they represent the majority of students.
The conference included dialogue sessions in which specialists participated, including a consultant psychiatrist and professor neurologist at the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Arafat Al-Dujaili, in which he discussed the definition of psychological trauma, its types, its impact on the individual and society, ways to treat and reduce it, in addition to various lectures by specialists, professors and clerics that dealt with the topics of domestic violence ,suicide, And the role of faith in combating depression, refining the human soul, self-esteem, and the problem of shame and guilt.

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