Courses: Types of Drugs and Their Effects

The Faculty of Sciences – University of Kufa organized a scientific course on “Types of Drugs and their Psychological and Physical Effects.” It aims to raise cultural awareness about the negative impact of drugs on individuals and society and encourage people to stay away from them. It included lectures on …

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Courses: flow cytometry & histological staining

The Faculty of Science – University of Kufa held a training course “Flow Cytometry and Histological Staining” with the participation of several researchers. It aimed to train the participants on modern techniques for diagnosing cancerous and microbial diseases using flow cytometry and histological staining. It included practical applications and lectures …

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Courses: Communicable Diseases

The Faculty of Nursing – University of Kufa organized a course “Communicable Diseases”, which included the types of infectious diseases, their symptoms, their effects on the bodies, and the types of treatments that treat these diseases. It aims to educate students about infectious diseases to avoid them. It recommended following …

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