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Symposium: Drug delivery by nanorobots

The Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Kufa held a symposium on Biohybrid micro and nanorobots drug delivery systems. It aims to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the design and development of Biohybrid micro and nanorobots for medical applications. It included a review of the latest developments, the role …

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Seminar: Foods and additives

The Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Kufa held a seminar on (Food and Additives) The aim is to identify food additives and their danger to human health. It included all types of foods, including processed and genetically prepared foods. It concluded that it is necessary to spread awareness among …

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Symposium: (AI)techniques in medical education

The Faculty of Medicine – University of Kufa held a symposium (Developing an e-learning program and introducing artificial intelligence applications into education). It included software applications that support the work of teaching and supervising preliminary studies and evaluating research progress for postgraduate studies. It recommended adopting applications that support the …

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Seminar: Treating pain with morphine

The Faculty of Pharmacy -University of Kufa held a seminar (Treating pain using morphine). It aims to introduce the importance of morphine in treating pain, as they are naturally present in the body and other types extracted from plants or manufactured in laboratories, which have the same pain-relieving effect and …

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symposium: Lenzagolix medication

The Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Kufa held a symposium on (the newly approved drug Lenzagolex). It aims to explain the new medicine discovered estrogen-related diseases using hormone-releasing hormone antagonists to counter gonadotropins. It included an explanation of the drug, its pharmacological properties, and the effects that accompany its …

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Symposium: China’s artificial sun

The Faculty of Science – University of Kufa held a symposium “Artificial Sun: Harnessing Massive Energy through Nuclear Fusion.” It included a lecture on China’s development of the HL-2M Tokamak nuclear reactor, also known as the Artificial Sun. The construction of this reactor took more than 14 years, and it …

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