workshop: electronic examination methods

The Faculty of Veterinary organized a workshop entitled “Methods of electronic exams for undergraduate” on the Moodle platform. The workshop included Two lectures “Reducing errors, controlling examinations and maintaining the scientific sobriety of the exam.”, its aim to explain The mechanism used in organizing and preparing exams in general, and …

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Preparing for the 1st Debate Forum

In cooperation with the Faculty of Nursing, the Dept. of Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation administered a workshop on delivery skills and the art of debate. The purpose of conducting the workshop was to prepare undergraduate students for the first student forum for debate. The forum will be held from …

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workshop: water pollution

The Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa held a scientific workshop on water pollution (its causes and sources). It included a lecture by Dr. Hassan Al Kaabi about surface water and groundwater, he explains the concept of water pollution and the most important sources of pollution by industrial, …

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