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Scientific activities

Workshop: Scientific Research Methods

The Department of scholarships and Cultural Relations at the University of Kufa held a workshop in cooperation with the ICRA education and professors from the Dutch Wageningen University, “Methods of scientific research and modern teaching and learning mechanisms.” The workshop included the methods of scientific research, the researcher’s impartiality, the …

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workshop: electronic examination methods

The Faculty of Veterinary organized a workshop entitled “Methods of electronic exams for undergraduate” on the Moodle platform. The workshop included Two lectures “Reducing errors, controlling examinations and maintaining the scientific sobriety of the exam.”, its aim to explain The mechanism used in organizing and preparing exams in general, and …

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A new book at University of Kufa

Dr. Qabas Ibrahim, A professor at the faculty of Education at University of Kufa, published a new book entitled “Evaluating the character of the hero in the texts of children’s plays.” The book included five chapters that dealt with children’s theater and its educational objectives, the educational role of the …

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