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The University of Kufa Looks for Opportunities of Academic Development backed by the British Embassy in Iraq

The university acting president Dr. Hassoun has discussed with the British ambassador, Stephen Hickey, the possibilities of academic and scientific support of British universities as well as the possibility of expanding the number of admissions for the Iraqi students who apply for universities in the United Kingdom. During the meeting, …

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symposium: Mixed-mode Education

in cooperation with the Ministerial Team for Mixed-mode Education the Information technology Research and development Center held a symposium “Mixed-mode Education at the University of Kufa before and after the Corona pandemic”. Dr. Ammar jallawi The Director of IT center said The symposium dealt with the topic of development in …

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Workshop: Mixed-mode Education

In cooperation with the Information technology and Research Center, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences held a workshop entitled “Mixed Education at the University of Kufa“. The workshop dealt with the role of this type of education during the Corona pandemic, how to work on the model platform, …

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symposium: effective e-learning in Kufa university

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kufa held a symposium entitled “The function of Direct Video Lectures in Effective E-learning” which included a lecture given by Dr. Muhammad Shakir Al-Shakarji, he takes up the function and importance of direct electronic lecture on increasing student interaction and reducing the …

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Analytic study on combating poverty in Iraq

Assist. prof.Dr. Muhammad J. Shebaa presented a strategic spatial analysis to alleviate poverty in Iraq,the study recommended that strategic efforts should be made to alleviate poverty by planning a road map with specific and realistic goals that can be implemented in Iraq through a comprehensive development determined by the plan …

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Symposium: Academic Freedom in Universities

The Faculty of Education has organized a symposium exploring academic freedom in universities. During the symposium, The Keynote speaker, Dr. Abdul Razaq Al-Jenaby, traced the historic development of academic freedom and what it meant. He also cast light on the reality of academic freedom in Iraqi universities. Dr. Al-Jenaby emphasized …

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