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A seminar on Geriatrics

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Kufa held a seminar entitled “The Hunger Hormone and Geriatrics” presented by Dr. Azhar J. Mohsen, in which he addressed the definition of the hunger hormone, its sources, characteristics, functions, and some evidence indicating that it may affect the aging of the …

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University of Kufa Commits to Community Service

During a meeting with the Al-Najaf municipality director, the university president, Prof. Dr. Hassoun, offered to assist the office of Al-Najaf municipality in issues concerning agriculture, urban planning, and civil engineering. Dr. Hassoun also emphasized the possibility of cooperating with the office of Al-Najaf municipality, so that the latter would benefit …

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University of Kufa Commits to Renewable Energy

The President of the University of Kufa, Prof. Dr. Yasir Lafta Hassoun, launched the solar energy system at the Information Technology Research and Development Center (ITRDC). The newly launched solar energy system is intended to supply the central communication system and servers with electric power. Dr. Ammar Jallawi, the director …

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Colloquium: Arabic Linguistics and Literature

The University of Kufa held an international conference on the Arabic linguistics and literature celebrating the Arabic Language Day.  The conference witnessed international participation from both arab and foreign countries. The conference is held yearly on Dec. 18, the date when Arabic had been chosen an official United Nations language …

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