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Design projects for the Faculty of Engineering

The President of the University of Kufa, Prof. Dr. Yasir Lafta Hassoun followed the design projects for students of the Faculty of Engineering at various academic levels, which included more than one hundred and fifty projects. The tour included viewing architectural projects that simulate environmental systems and sensing the elements …

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Workshop: Air pollution and its sources

The Faculty of Education – University of Kufa held a workshop on “Air pollution, its sources and methods of treatment”. It aims to identify the sources, causes, and types of air pollution such as volcanoes, dust, pollen, bacteria and fungi, dusty phenomena that were repeated this year due to the …

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Workshop: Electronic extortion

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science – University of Kufa held a workshop on “Electronic Extortion and a Risk to Society”. It aimed at knowing the concept of extortion, its causes, types, and repercussions from the legal and social perspectives. It included methods of prevention, how to secure …

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Awareness campaign about hemorrhagic fever

The faculty of Nursing – University of Kufa organized a major awareness campaign (Hemorrhagic Fever). The aim of the campaign was to introduce the symptoms of the disease, which included distributing leaflets to students and employees of the university in all faculties to introducing the disease, which is a virus …

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The first scientific conference to discuss researches

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences-University of Kufa held the first scientific conference to discuss the research of graduate students of the fourth stage under the supervision of specialized professors from universities in Iraq. More than ninety research papers from several universities participated in the conference.

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Workshop: The effectiveness of the creative self

The Division Counseling Psychological in cooperation with the Faculty of Pharmacy held a workshop “Creating and renewing the creative self-efficacy of the university student.” The workshop included two lectures, the first (Applied ways to develop creativity and innovation for university students), and the second lecture (the concept of creativity, the …

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