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Daily Archives: 20/06/2022

Kufa University organizes a short films competition

The Faculty of Arts – University of Kufa organized a competition for short films makers that included an evaluation of students’ artworks , encouraging them to develop their skills and prepare them for the labor market. Furthermore, more than ten student-produced short films participated in the competition, they were judged …

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Workshop: Health System Efficiency

The Faculty of Nursing – University of Kufa held a workshop “The Efficiency of the Health System in Reducing the Risk of Chronic Diseases” The workshop included introducing chronic diseases, the most important of these diseases, the impact of the current health system in reducing infection, and the importance of …

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A new book at the University of Kufa

A professor at the Faculty of Arts – University of Kufa, Dr. (Amer Abd Zaid) has published the book “Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Beauty ”. The book deals with the subject of the philosophy of beauty among Greek and Muslim philosophers and its development in modern and contemporary Western philosophies.

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