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A new book at the university of kufa

Dr. Nidhal Al-Abadi a professor at the Faculty of Education- University of Kufa has published a new book (Illuminations in Scientific Research) containing ten chapters. It deals with topics about science and its objectives, how to determine the research problem and data collection, research requirements, qualities of good research, how …

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Training program on promoting comprehensive education

A delegation from the University of Kufa participated in the training course held in Germany on the promotion of comprehensive education in educational institutions, which was organized by the German University of Vechta. The program included many seminars and workshops in which lectures were given by specialized trainers from Germany, …

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A study on the Long COVID-19 disease

A professor at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kufa, Dr. Hussein Kadhem Abdul Hussein, headed an international scientific team consisting of professors from Australia, Thailand, Bulgaria, Poland and Iraq to complete a scientific study on the long COVID-19 disease. The research included a study of the new …

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Digital Transformation Program in Beirut

The delegation of the University of Kufa ranked first among six Iraqi universities in the digital transformation program supported by the French Francophone Organization, which was held in Beirut as the last stage of the training program in three phases: preparing virtual classes, preparing trainers and a course. The program …

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