Daily Archives: 27/11/2023

Seminar: Foods and additives

The Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Kufa held a seminar on (Food and Additives) The aim is to identify food additives and their danger to human health. It included all types of foods, including processed and genetically prepared foods. It concluded that it is necessary to spread awareness among …

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Symposium:(AI) and its applications

The Faculty of Political Science – University of Kufa held a symposium (Artificial Intelligence and its Applications in the Educational Field). It included a lecture on using artificial intelligence to create self-correcting tests and analyze student performance data. Scientific research in educational technology seeks to apply artificial intelligence to develop …

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Symposium: Safe Motherhood

On the occasion of World Children’s Day, the Faculty of Nursing – University of Kufa held a symposium (Safe Motherhood). It included lectures that recommended the need to educate society, especially pregnant women, about the need to know their rights and demand them during birth and the importance of a …

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