Daily Archives: 03/12/2023

The Dean of the College of Pharmacy visits the students in the dormitories

Dr. Fadil Abdul Jabbar Razj, the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, visited students in the dormitories. He, along with several professors from the college, went to Sumer Dormitory Complex and met with the students. During the visit, he discussed the services provided to them and their satisfaction level. The …

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Symposium: Entrepreneurship and Job Opportunities

The Faculty of Political Science -University of Kufa held a symposium on (Entrepreneurship and Job Opportunities). It aims to introduce the entrepreneurship project, how to create projects and methods of financing them. It included lectures on the concept of entrepreneurship and the challenges facing projects (social obstacles, difficulty in accessing …

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Workshop: AI in texts summarization

ITRDC-University of Kufa held a workshop on Artificial Intelligence Trends in Text Summarization by Prof. Samer Sami. It included artificial intelligence methods and research in summarizing scientific texts; processing tasks were divided into multiple levels, ranging from ease to progress with various challenges. It concluded by reviewing classifications of text …

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