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The dialogue sessions in the dormitories with the presence of Sheikh Zaman Al-Hasnawi

As part of the activities of the Scientific Complex affiliated with the Al-Abbas Holy Shrine, represented by the Institute of the Holy Quran in Najaf, a series of lectures and Quran sessions are held in the dormitories. In this week’s session, His Eminence Sheikh Zaman Al-Hasnawi presented in the presence …

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The Dormitories Department, in collaboration with the Institute of the Noble Quran, initiates conversational sessions as part of the Quran project in Iraqi universities.

الجلسات الحوارية

The Institute of the Holy Quran in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf, affiliated with the Holy Al-Abbas Shrine, has begun a series of Quran lectures. These lectures are delivered by Sayyid Ja’far Al-Marouj. During these sessions, students in attendance ask questions to which the lecturer responds, and vice versa, with questions from the …

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