It is one of the departments developed by the university according to the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which came as a result of the efforts and achievements exerted by the Standing Committee of the Holy Quran. The department was established at the end of 2014 according to the university order No. 20470 dated 24/8/2014. The department has five units:

1- Memorizing unit.
2- Recitation unit.
3- Quranic Research and Studies Unit.
4- Quranic forums and competitions unit.
5- Administrative unit.

The department starts its activity strongly, but it needs the great support of the ministry, university and related institutions to Najaf city. And the importance of awareness of the challenges of reality this department is to appreciate the exerted efforts, it contributes to achieve prosperity and glorification of the Holy Quran, which is really one of the most valuable works in our Islamic reality and civilization.

Tasks and duties:

Memorizing Unit:

1- Introducing methods of memorizing the Holy Quran.
2- Suggesting proposals related to memorizing the Holy Quran.
3-Organizing training courses in Holy Quran memorizing.

Recitation unit:

1- Teaching the recitation rules.
2- Teaching sound rules.
3- Teaching Quranic tone rules.
4- Training courses in recitation.

Quranic Research and Studies Unit:

1- Receiving the professors and students researches in the Holy Quran sciences.
2- Introducing the methods of Quranic interpretation.
3- Preparing and qualifying young energies.
4- Quranic forums and competitions unit.
5- Organizing and preparing Quranic forums.
6- Organizing and preparing Quranic competitions in recitation, memorization and interpretation.

Administration and Internet Unit:

1- Carrying out the functions of administrative affairs and official letters.
2- Management of computers and Internet in the department.