About Kufa Studies Center

Kufa Studies Center is one of the oldest research centers in Iraq affiliated to the University of Kufa ,it has contributed its publications, seminars and international conferences to the knowledge welfare. It was established in 1992 as part of the university formation. Its tasks were to establish the cultural heritage as a vital part of the outputs of Islamic civilization , schools of jurisprudence, interpretation and grammar. All of this scientific heritage and its analysis, which is part of the cognitive aspirations at this time, has been added to its functions due to the development of the Center contribution to the construction of the philosophical and scientific present in Iraqi society in addition to studying the scientific problems of the university in particular.


Kufa Studies Center is a scientific center specialized in conducting scientific researches and human studies. However, it seeks through its scientific departments and units to produce specialized knowledge as part of the approach to cope with the new knowledge outputs in world cultures. It’s main concern is to find solutions to general problems as a result of scientific studies.


The mission of the Center was to collect and analyze the Iraqi cultural heritage, and to publish it in a systematic manner. It is currently adopting the task of stimulating academic research at various levels; providing scientific advices to decision-makers and developing the capabilities of the university community.


1- Spreading knowledge and sciences related to the scientific and sociological reality in Iraq in general and the university in particular, which includes the Islamic and scientific heritage in Najaf through the preparation of academic studies and researches linking them to the society needs.
2. Proposing research projects for faculties.
3. Conducting studies with research centers and providing research outputs as procedural consultations to decision-makers by twinning for exchanging expertise with other research centers in Iraqi , Arab and international universities to transfer the recent advanced experiences of the national knowledge domain and to present the world our scientific achievements and Islamic heritage in the history of civilization.
4 – Issuing publications , periodicals and the organization of scientific events, such as seminars and conferences that contribute to the development of knowledge.
5. Contributing to the performance of the university role in accordance with the university status and role in leading the community to achieve the highest degree of communication with community institutions.

Department of Religions, Schools and Civilizations Studies

Based on the religious importance of Najaf city as the capital of religious knowledge, the aim of this department is to identify and compare religions, beliefs and doctrines in terms of their philosophy and scientific output. It also works to settle conflicts of beliefs in diverse countries in the world and in the region.
Head of the Department: Dr. Mohammed A. Mohammed Redha Al – Hakeem
Coordinator: Ali Zuhair Al-Sarraf
Dr. Uday J. Al-Hajjar
Dr. Shakib G. Al-Basri
Dr. Sabah k. Rayah
Assist. Lecturer Mohsin A. Salih

Department of Development

The world is going through conceptualization situations that helps define the vision and the needs for the research and statistical mechanisms to rationalize future decision. Taking in consideration the university concern in this respect.
Head of the Department: Dr. Hussein Lafta Hafidh
Dr. Jaleela S. Sahib
Dr. Shamkhi F. Al Asadi
Assist. Lecturer Akram B. Al – Bayati
Assist. Lecturer Sattar J. Hashim

Department of Methodology and Investigation

The development of scientific curriculum in humanitarian specializations has developed to a great extent. It forms the basic steps for the development of scientific research. In order to promote our scientific reality, activating the studies of the methodology has become necessary to get caught up with the scientific challenges witnessed by the developed countries in the field. Another units of this department is concerned with investigation , manuscripts control and documents which represent an important part of our intellectual heritage.
Head of Department: Aqeel J. Dehesh
Dr. Ohood H. Jaber
Dr. Wissam A. Shehab Al-Mutairi
Assist. Lecturer Mohammed A. Hussein Al-Qazzaz
Assist. Lecturer Hawra’a M. Abdul – Sahib