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Chancellor’s Welcome

The University of Kufa has a special place in the Iraqi universities system. Since it has been established in 1987 when it was incepted by the demands of the local community, forasmuch as Kufa university has demonstrated a commitment to work hard in order to serving the favors of its community.

We are really proud of our creativity, talent, innovative and straightforward-thinking approach and I look for folk who have the similar ethos. At the very beginning of my role of President, I have focused on cultivate our university strategic trends and exploring new opportunities for investments and growth. We are persistently realizing our strengths and building on our distinguished characters that help us to putting our advanced plans to complying with the challenges of a changing higher education sector. We are obliged to appoint staff who can work with us in making these challenges as potentıal opportunities, and who consıder the constant seek for efficiency, succeed, quality, and new opportunities as our most priority.

We always have some great opportunities to review how we make sure that our graduates are best prepared to work with industry and how we can offer the best education options for local and national communities and work to support industry and community development. We are also looking at how we can develop digital learning to blend students the right mix of online and face-to-face learning.

We are all the time make it clear for our students that this is a place for you to learn, to experience the social benefits of new friends and the intellectual benefits of new ideas, a place to enable you to grow into the best version of you that’s possible. And for that to happen, you have to feel safe and educationally supported while you are on campus and we will do everything in our power to foster a safe and inclusive environment for you.

University of Kufa continues to strive to foster a respectful working and learning environment and initiated a program of work late last year, with the main focus on educating our students and staff about how together we can make our campuses safer and enjoyable.

Our strong sense of direction, organisation and effective management was acknowledged in the recent audit by different national and international agencies. We have continued our program of building physical facilities, improving services and developing nationally and internationally recognised concentrations of scholars. For example, we work closely with some partner to foster international collaborations between the EU and the Iraq higher education istitutions for the exchange of academic knowledge at any level, by framing them in a recognized and internationally regulated network, which resulted in participating in WALADU and EDUU Projects. These two European Union funded projects are in the frame of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building Key Action 2 in the field of higher education. Their aims are contributing to the improvement of education in archaeological and historical subjects in Iraq and to increase the opportunities for students in the labor market in Iraq bringing them in line with current EU trends and standards.

All of the aforementioned  achievements, and there are many more, contribute ultimately to our major objective, which is to produce graduates who have satisfying careers and who are able to make a positive contribution to Iraqi and international society. We are firmly focused on the future and our mission to enlighten inhabitants and professionals to the highest paradigms; develop and circulate knowledge; and connect with our communities to handle the major issues of our time. As part of this focus on the future we will be continuing renewing the University’s Strategic Plan.

I can assure you and on behalf of the University of Kufa’s family that we will support you to pursue your aims of life while you are with us!

Prof Dr Yasir Lafta Hassoun