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Chancellor’s Welcome

Since its foundation in 1987, UoK has enjoyed a reputation for excellence in education and research that today marks it as an elite university among its Iraqi counterparts. Significantly, it has been passionately dedicated to serving the community over the years, with the people who work and study at the university remaining its most valuable asset. We are indeed proud of our capabilities, ingenuity, and direct problem-solving abilities. Accordingly, we aspire to work with individuals who share our principles and, in return, enable us to build on our significant contribution to both science and society.

During my initial appointment as president, I took it upon myself to improve our university’s strategic development and explore new investment and opportunities. As a university, we continue to enhance our educational programs and our fundamental and applied research capabilities, being mindful of building sophisticated strategies to match the standards of higher education and its challenges. By employing people who can work with us, are willing to turn hurdles into opportunities, and who value the pursuit of continual efficiency, success, quality, and new prospects, we seek to develop the next generation of accomplished staff.

All our efforts are underpinned by a dynamic, enterprising culture that seeks to innovate at every opportunity. We also continue to be on the lookout for exceptional opportunities to explore the various ways in which our graduates are best qualified to fit into the working world. Our multidisciplinary collaborations and partnerships address, among many other important areas, new ways of translating our work into practice both nationally and internationally, which will subsequently facilitate both industrial development and community growth.

We make sure to consistently remind our students that UoK is an educational institution, where they can experience the social advantages of making new colleagues and harvest the intellectual rewards of new ideas, in order to become the best version of themselves. Therefore, we will strive to do all in our ability to create a safe and inclusive environment for them to feel secure and supported whilst in pursuit of their academic mission.

We relish the opportunity to compete at an international level whilst being a notable source of inspiration, guidance and influence. This is thanks to our strong sense of orientation, organization, and effective management, which has been recognized in a recent audit conducted by various national and international institutions. Among our many endeavors, we partnered to foster international collaborations between the European Union and Iraqi higher education institutions for the exchange of academic knowledge at various levels, resulting in participation in WALADU and EDUU Projects. These two European Union-funded initiatives are part of Erasmus+ Capacity Building Key Action 2 in higher education, whose goals are to promote education in archaeological and historical disciplines in Iraq, as well as to create prospects for students in the workplace by bringing them in line with contemporary EU standards.

All of the aforementioned accomplishments, as well as many more, contribute to our overarching goal of producing graduates who have rewarding professions and can make a good contribution to both science and society. We are committed to the future of our students, staff, and alumni, and our objective is to apply their distinctive knowledge, skills, and motivation to advance some of the scientific, technological, and social issues that we face, not just today but in the future.

Rest assured that the UoK family will help pave the way to all your goals and dreams. With us, you will accomplish your desire to learn at a higher level, to become leaders in your fields, and to make your mark on the world.

Tomorrow starts with us.

Prof Dr Yasir Lafta Hassoun