Directorate of Dorms

The Department of Students Hustel Affairs is one of the vital departments where it is responsible for providing necessary housing and learning environment suitable for the students of the internal departments.

Word of the Director of the hostels:

The Department of hostels Affairs is one of the oldest sections of the presidency of the University of Kufa, one of the most important joints of the main services in the field of housing students, including housing complexes within the university city and beyond and has been providing the best cadre of our students and strive to be ready to be ready for any emergency In any residential complex, plans, programs and new visions have been developed for the management of work and the distribution of tasks to reach the highest refineries of quality and performance.


The main message of the Department of Interior Affairs is to receive the students of the provinces admitted to the university colleges from the initial and higher studies, and provide them with adequate housing and supplies, and all the necessary services for their comfort and care … To become a distinguished cadre capable of creativity and innovation in science, knowledge and service for our Iraq The new unified.

The Vision:

The Department of Hostels Affairs / University of Kufa seeks to be one of the advanced internal departments in Iraq, as the department is determined to make its affiliated departments a model to be followed by other universities.

The Objectives:

1- This section works seriously to take care of the student by providing the appropriate scientific and psychological atmosphere for them.
2- To prepare the administrative staff necessary for his administration.
3- Addressing the governmental and private bodies to support the students of the internal departments as well as the department relations with civil society institutions aimed at obtaining financial and moral support from these institutions to the students living in these sections.