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Legal Department


Achieving and implementing laws, instructions, and directives, increasing knowledge and awareness of the importance of adhering to laws, regulations, and realizing that the ultimate goal is to establish the principle of justice, transparency, and equality.

The university’s policy of participating with the university’s departments and institutions is that all university works are in accordance with the regulations and laws and within the framework of the correct application of them.

The Legal Department is also committed to making the distinguished department perform the tasks assigned to it with the high skill to achieve the university’s pioneering ambitions in the fields of education, research, community service and contribute to the achievement of the university’s strategic plans.


Practicing and strengthening the role of the legal administration in consolidating justice through the principle of the rule of law, respecting laws, regulations, directives, and ensuring the correctness of their application and activation according to the will of the Iraqi legislator.


  • The legal department aims to formulate all university contracts in a correct and orderly manner in a way that preserves the university’s full and undiminished rights.
  • Organizing courses and workshops for the purpose of developing university employees.
  • Providing the appropriate environment to unleash creativity in various legal skills.
  • Contribute to the dissemination and development of legal culture in the university community.
  • Protection of human rights by providing specialized legal advice and organizing work within the university.
  • Upgrading the legal work professionally and emphasizing the role of qualified national competencies to play this role
  • Working on activating the role of the administration to reach the visions and strategy set by the university along with cooperation with all other departments of the university.
  •  Finding a group of legitimate administrative and financial
  • expertise and control matters that are harnessed to serve the university and provide regular advice in its work.
  • Providing all legal advisory services to all aspects of the educational university
  • Following up on the implementation of laws and instructions by all deanships and all universities.
  • Providing all advisory services to the higher administrations of the university in accordance with the laws and instructions in force and the established rules.