About Department of Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation

Message from the Department of Quality Assurance & Performance Evaluation:

In recognition of the top leadership vision at the University of Kufa to achieve quality in all parts of the university, the department of Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation (QAPE) seeks to take its role in the consolidation of the quality practices and make it a behavior applied in all areas of the university.

In order to achieve and sustain excellence in academic and administrative performance, the QAPE department develops and implements policies and procedures to ensure that best practices continue to be applied in the educational and research system.

In addition, QAPE department with the direct support of the senior leadership and the active cooperation of faculty members, employees, and various civil society organizations, works to implement national and international accreditation standards. As a result of these efforts, the University of Kufa today occupies a distinguished and effective position at the national and regional levels. It is God’s success


The organizational structure of the QAPE :

According to the university's structure, the department is related to university's Chancellor. Administratively, QAPE department is composed of the following divisions and units: (Quality Assurance Division, Performance Evaluation Division, Training and Technical Support Division, Laboratory Accreditation Division, International Classification Unit, Human Rights Unit), As well as the QAPE divisions in the faculties. The figure below illustrates the structure of the QAPE department.


Vision, Mission and Objectives of the QAPE department:

Since its inception, the QAPE department seeks to achieve the best results according to national and international standards by harnessing the University's potential and resources with the participation of all its employees to meet the needs of the community and the requirements of the labor market.



Make the University of Kufa Center of Excellence in Quality and Academic Accreditation.



Developing and improving the academic and institutional performance through the application of best practices in the field of quality assurance and evaluation of performance based on efficiency and competitiveness to raise the level of university outputs and to meet the requirements of national and international accreditation.



Building an integrated quality assurance system in accordance with national and international standards and following up on its implementation to serve the mission's vision, mission and objectives.

Developing a creative work environment at the university to keep abreast of the increasing knowledge developments to achieve excellence in quality and academic performance.

Establishing effective partnerships with international quality assurance institutions and international accreditation institutions through structured institutional work.

Continuing to consolidate quality culture within the faculties of the university in order to achieve a competitive advantage in quality assurance and its applications.

Ensuring continuous improvement in the process of monitoring and evaluating the performance of the university's formations.

Designing an effective system for the self-assessment and follow-up of the implementation of continuous improvement plans at the level of colleges, centers and various university departments. Providing technical support in the field of quality assurance and academic accreditation to all faculties, centers and departments of the university.

Providing consultancy to colleges and university centers in selecting and adopting specialized accreditation standards as an essential step in obtaining program accreditation.

Conduct field studies, conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops in the field of quality and academic accreditation.

Follow-up evaluation of the performance of university members and establish clear criteria for improving their performance with the requirements of academia service.

Employing and investing knowledge capital, which represents the experiences and possibilities of professors and employees of the university in the process of improvement and development.

Supervising the implementation of excellence awards programs at the university faculties for academic achievements, research, and job performance.