About Department of the Scientific Affair


The mission of the Department of the Scientific Affair is to follow up various scientific outputs in the university including publishing of the scientific research papers, patents, and books on a variety of topics. The department is also in charge of monitoring the scientific activities in the university such as conferences, seminars, and workshops. The department was previously called Department of Research and Development but the name was changed in October 2017 to the current name. The structure was changed and some tasks have been added to the department since then. The department coordinates two main divisions, namely- the Scientific Research division and Scientific Products Marketing division.


Vision and Message:

Department of Scientific Affair adopts the vision of University of Kufa by focusing on the scientific research that fits with the developments of science, meets the needs of society, and provides solutions to many contemporary issues as well as developing the skills of researchers and many other scientific activities. The department aim is to establish a platform for many intellectual and scientific activities and to provide a key element in exploring the areas of cognitive development. The aim also includes providing a suitable research environment for researchers.


Goals and Values:

1- Promoting the scientific research outputs in the university, disseminating the scientific research ethics, and striving to provide the necessary materials, tools, and apparatuses for researchers.

2- Motivating the academic faculty staffs of the university to improve the research work levels.

3- Enhancing the scientific communications with distinguished local and international universities, institutions, and research centers and developing the cooperation with them.

4- Developing the abilities of the academic faculty staffs for performing high-quality research by adopting training programs and sending researchers to prestigious international universities.

5- Exploring the fields of scientific and cognitive development and developing the capacities of the academic faculty staffs.

6- Holding scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, and workshops.

7- Encouraging and following-up of the outstanding intellectual and scientific outputs at the university, including publishing research papers, patents, textbooks, and other distinguished outputs.

8- Following-up the publications of scientific journals issued by colleges and centers in the university and working on improving and upgrading them for the corresponding counterpart international journals.


Documentation and Information Management Unit:


1- Following-up the completed, published, and planned research.

2- Documenting the published research by the academic faculty staffs at the university in international journals indexed by Scopus or Thomson Reuters.

3- Honoring the outstanding researchers in the university.

4- Preparing studies that would develop the scientific publications in the university.

5- Organizing seminars and workshops to develop the research levels of the academic faculty staffs.


Coordination and Relations Unit:


1- Preparing annual plans for holding conferences, seminars, and workshops.

2- Preparing scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, and workshops in other institutions and ministries than the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

3- Uploading the data to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research database for inclusion in UNESCO activities.

4- Honoring and rewarding of the university employees who get awards from Iraqi or international institutions.

5- Following-up and evaluating the consulting offices in the university.

6- Preparing studies, proposals, and statement of opinions and giving the necessary recommendations.


Scientific Journals Unit:


1-   Monitoring the journal issued by colleges and centers in the university.

2- Supervising the formations of editorial and consulting members of the journals issued by colleges and centers in the university.

3- Executing the decisions taken by the ministerial committee for evaluating journals issued by the university and monitoring implementing them by colleges and centers.

4- Monitoring the uploading process of the journal issues to the sites of the university and Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals.

5- Forming a central scientific committee for evaluating books issued by the university employees.

6- Mechanism of accreditation of scientific journals.

7- Dedications and exchanges of publications.


Scientific Products Marketing Section

Scientific Outputs Unit:


1- Following-up and responding to the administrative orders of the Scientific Products section.

2- Following-up and responding to the administrative orders for economic and investment projects that would help the university and society.

3- Monitoring the mechanism of marketing the outstanding scientific products.


Care of Sciences and Inventors Unit:


1- Training the academic faculty staffs.

2- Setting-up the Science Day events.

3- Honoring and rewarding the university employees who got patents.

4- Organizing conferences for graduation projects.


Incubator Technology Unit:


1- Providing financial support for academic faculty staffs in the university who have creative and innovative minds in establishing small projects and start-up companies that after years would be the pillars of development and prosperity.

2- Offering financial support to students graduated from our university who have the ability to establish viable projects and marketing their products.

3- Creating a convenient environment for creators and inventors as well as providing their basic needs.

4- Providing marketing, technical, and legal supports for inventors.


Contacts Details:

Contact us via email: res_dev@uokufa.edu.iq