About Department of Studies, Planning, and Follow-up


Relentless pursuit for the development of the university's performance in all scientific and administrative sections to achieve the best levels of development by setting goals and future plans and follow up their implementation and to develop strategies and identify the single frames to work in line with the challenges of the times.



Out of the vision studies, planning and follow-up department in pace of evolution the university administrative and scientific sections and formations. Department of studies, planning and follow-up seeks to identify the objectives to be achieved to the university in general and the joints in particular, and the preparation of future plans and statistics and annual reports.



1) Contribute to development of short, medium and long-term strategic plans for the implementation of the university objectives with minimal effort and the shortest time.

2) Knowledge of the general criteria to be used in the planning, follow-up and performance monitoring for the purpose of evaluation and development of the program in accordance with the scientific possibilities in order to raise the scientific level.

3) Adjustment the deviations in the implementation of plans for all scientific departments through follow-up and compare the current performance to past performance in addition to planning of future performance of these sections.


Outline of the Department of Studies and Planning and Follow-up:

Studies, planning and follow-up department is the starting point of knowledge management and keeping up the scientific development. The department of studies, planning and follow-up leads an important strategic through the provision of data and statistics about the university, colleges and centers affiliated.


Stages of the establishment of studies, planning and follow-up department:

1) Statistics unit 1988.

2) Documentation and Information Department in 1992

3) Studies and Planning Department in 1996.

4) Studies, planning and follow-up in 2000 section.


Speech of the department head:

Based on the concept of the pursuit of the objectives of each institution, there must be the hard work to develop strategies and plans for the advancement of the organization and achieve their goals. Here it is possible to know how important the work of studies, planning and follow-up, which can be summarized in the following points section:

1. Clarify the development goals of the studies, planning and follow-up department to identify the areas of organizational creativity for the advancement of scientific and educational level of the university.

2. Follow-up to determine the future needs of the faculties and departments expansions colleges and academic departments and work on scheduling needs and identifying their needs for buildings and equipment.

3. clarify the relationship between the planned and what will be planned in the field of study and practice in order to live up to the best scientific level.

Studies, planning and follow-up departments works to contribute to the provision of all related to all aspects of the educational process information to be included in the acts listed in below:

1. University statistics.

2. Annual report of the university.

3. Annual statistical reports.

4. Scientific plan.

5. Quarterly activity.

It is through the achievement of our goals and hard work, we strive to be the best sections of our department at the university level.