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Table University of Kufa’s Objectives of Sustainable Development

Objective Role of Universities Initiatives at the level of University of Kufa
Goal 1: No poverty -Increasing the poor’s access to the IT resources.

– Providing sustainable farming models.

-The initiative of the Faculty of Agriculture to provide alternatives of fertilization for the poor.
Goal 2: Zero hunger (No hunger) -Research in the field of food security.

-Research in the field of sustainable agriculture

-Studies on food security, and reform of the ration (catering) card system, and programs of social protection.
Goal 3: Good health and well-being -Exchange of information in the field of medical sciences between the university and the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

-Participation in the Visiting Doctor Program.

-Establishing partnership with health directorates in provinces.

– Participation in the Visiting Doctor Program.

Goal 4: Quality education -Contributing to the reduction of the illiteracy rate. – The university’s contribution to the literacy program and establishing a literacy center.

– Continuing Education Programs.

Goal 5: Gender equality -Empowerment programs for girls and women. – Enhancing Human Development Unit Program to strengthen gender equality, and empowering girls and women.

– Organizing university women’s meetings.

Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation – Presenting studies and research in sanitary and water arenas. -University research and theses (Master’s degree) and Ph.D. dissertations), on water and sanitation at the provincial level.
Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy -Research in clean energy. -Adoption of solar energy technology in the university.

-Adopting wind energy.

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth – Providing job opportunities for the poor. – University initiative to employ vulnerable groups and the poor in contracts and daily wages.
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure – Investing in communications and information technology. – Improving making use of investing in computers.
Goal 10: Reduced inequality – Facilitating accessibility for people with special needs for sources of information that suit them. – Publication of some studies on the protection of religious and ethnic minorities (in cooperation with international organizations and Iraqi civil society, supported by the European Union).

– An initiative to establish a special University library for people with disabilities.


Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities – Protecting the national heritage. – Establishment of a center for the preservation and protection of manuscripts

– Establishment of a city museum.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production – Rationalization of electrical energy consumption. – Launching energy conservation programs.
Goal 13: Climate action – Protecting the Iraqi environment. – Encouraging scientific research on topics of climate change and environmental protection.

– Establishing environment departments in science faculties.

Goal 14: Life below water – Activating scientific research in the field of conservation of oceans and seas. – Research and university theses on the sustainable use of development in the Gulf.
Goal 15: Life on land – Biodiversity databases in Iraq. – Creating a biodiversity database, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment.
Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions – Promoting opportunities for dialogue between religions and sects, and the creation of active dialogue spaces. – Foundation of the Civil Society Department in the Faculty of Arts, with Bachelor’s and Master’s studies.

– Establishment of the UNESCO Chair at the University of Kufa for interfaith dialogue.

– Issuing a number of studies in (Building

Peace), in cooperation with some Iraqi and international organizations civil societies, with the support of the United Nations Development Program in Iraq (UNDP).

– Establishment of community dialogue centers.

Goal 17: Partnership for the goals – Strengthening partnership for sustainable development. – Conducting twinning, partnership and scientific, cultural and humanitarian exchange agreements with a number of Iraqi and international universities and civil society organizations in order to achieve sustainable development.