About Career Center

Career Center is a link between the University and the labor market in its private and public sectors and is linked to the Office of the Administrative Assistant. The Center seeks to open new horizons to recruit Kufa University graduates to meet the requirements of the labor market and to provide the labor market with graduates armed with science, knowledge, technical and professional skills to help develop and improve the society.

The Director of the Center

The Center is the link between graduates and the labor market. In order to benefit from the competencies and abilities of graduates who are qualified with different knowledge and skills in different specialties, the center strives to make relationships with employers needed in the labor market to help them obtain jobs that ensure a better future. In order to cope with the development of the universities of the developed countries, the Center’s management strives to adopt the advanced programs in developing the center by focusing on the professional course of the students by guiding and training them professionally in accordance with their wishes and abilities for the purpose of creating their professional work and serving the community. Scientific research and the support provided by the chancellor of the university and his assistants to the center for the development of its own future plans and the preparation of databases that contribute to communication with the graduates to obtain suitable jobs .
Dr. Abdul Mohsin JAbdul Hussein – Director of the Center

Our Tasks

1- Improving the student’s professional abilities in accordance with his or her own personal abilities.
2- Creating an integrated database for graduates with the possibility of updating it annually to facilitate contacting them in the future.
3- Developing the student’s academic skills.
4- Opening new horizons to increase access to employment opportunities for university graduates.
5-The Center holds development courses, workshops and seminars in cooperation with the faculties of the university to increase the opportunities of communication between the university and society.


We seek to open new horizons to employ the graduates of our university in accordance with the requirements of the labor market.


We are working on providing the labor market with graduates armed with science , technology , technical and professional skills that help improve the community.


1- Developing the technical capabilities and skills of graduates.
2-Promoting employment opportunities for graduates of our university.
3-Achieving cooperation with civil society organizations and the labor market.


1- Dr. Abdul Mohsin J. Abdul Hussain Ph.D., Business Administration – Director of the Center.
2-Assistant Professor Dr. Fouad A. Salman / Faculty of Agriculture
3-Assistant lecturer Tawfeeq M. Harran / Master of English.
4-Huda A. Abbas / Bachelor of Information Systems.
5-Rokayya T. Sawadi / Bachelor of Arts.
6-Huda J. Sadiq / Typist

Contact Us

Email: careercenter@uokufa.edu.iq
Facebook: Career Center