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Department of Security Clearance

The Security Clearance and Information Section at the University of Kufa Presidency is a division of the Office of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The section is working extremely hard to maintain a very secure environment all over the University (buildings, personnel, vehicles, etc.) by coordinating with the security services inside and outside the university, such as the Directorate of Facilities Protection Services in Najaf, the National Security and Intelligence Services. Thus a higher committee of Security has been formed to execute the recommendations of the ministry that are intended to better serve the public without the interference in the authorities among these organizations.

Perhaps the most prominent functions and authorities of Department of Security Permissions works are summed up as follows:

1- Granting security assurances to all employees in the ministry, companies, organizations and institutions contracted with the ministry.
2 – Working on the organization of the security aspect in all ministry joints as required by the higher interest.
3 – Preparation of lectures, conferences and seminars, which revolve around the rehabilitation of university protection cadres.
4 – Controlling any violation that would hinder the scientific march of our university by doing what is necessary.
5 – Fighting all kinds of rumors that aim at dividing the Iraqi community.
6- Supervising the work of the follow-up section and organizing the work of distributing its members in all the university faculties, including supervising the dormitories security.
7 – In addition to other functions and authorities given by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, all related to the security aspect.

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