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Database Unit

Tasks of Database Division:

1. Checking and auditing all forms of academic staff ,administrative and technical of the university and follow-up the system.
2. Preparation of monthly seminars with representatives of the databases in the faculties and departments of the university for cooperation and coordination and to update the information.

Duties of Database Division:

1. The data base includes faculty information (name, sex, year, general and exact specialization, date of birth, date of employment, date of obtaining the certificate and the class name of the university and the state of the benefactor certificate.
2. The number of faculty members, according to the faculties and departments, sex, certificate, scientific title and benefactor certificate.
3. Database includes teaching the name and details of the thesis and the names of the supervisors and the state of the benefactor certificate.
4. Send the changes that occur in the faculty of changing the certificate scientific title, work, resignation, retirement to the ministry each month.
5. The names and number of academic staff.