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Vision, mission and goals


The University due to its civilized, intellectual,  religious,  and national heritage, seeks to be one of the pioneer universities in  scientific research field  and excellent in academic performance via spreading  knowledge in  scientific and social fields through  preparing studies,  researches  and graduating students in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies  collaborating  with the state and society institutions  to be able in solving  problems that may face the development  in present or in the future.


The University offers academic programs and consultations depending on quality standards and it works to develop the basic abilities to compete with local and global universities. The educational culture is being taken as a tool in developing the university outputs and attaining the sustainable learning, preserving   the moral values and response to social, economic and environmental changes. The university also seeks and works to find sound solutions to problems that may adhere to these changes consistently with the aspirations of the students and researchers.


1- Preparing specialists capable of accompanying the labour market.

2- Creating relations of cooperation with other universities and investing these relations at the regional and global levels.

3- Providing consultations to solve technical and scientific problems that needed by society and state directorates.

4- Improving the administrative skills and abilities in the university through preparing programs to the employees.

5- Sustaining the development of the scientific and research capabilities of the university.

6- Enhancing the social values ​​and virtues to avoid weird behaviours in all academic and cognitive fields

7- Expanding and developing the scientific research to be involved in solving its problems.

8- Maintaining the intellectual and cultural building via benefiting from the experiences of other countries in miscellaneous fields.

9- Improving teaching processes and inventing new learning methods

10- Increasing effectively the cognition development of society.

11- Enriching the society with conferences and symposiums in various cognitive and social fields.