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Vision, mission and goals


A locally and internationally distinguished national university with a significant historical legacy striving towards innovation, entrepreneurship, and societal partnership in line with sustainable development.


Via its highly accredited programmes, the university proceeds to develop Iraq and enhance research and scientific abilities to promote sustainable knowledge production.


  1. Promoting human and moral values within a moderate society. OR Promoting values of humanity, morality and moderation.
  2. Establishing integrity and preserving principles of transparency in both society and the state.
  3. Providing equal opportunities and non-discrimination on basis of gender, race, identity, color, religion, or political identity.


  1. Graduating eminent students, in various majors, who are creative leaders of society.
  2. Enhancing scientific research and innovation in line with labor market needs.
  3. Marketing the knowledge output of scientific research to support comprehensive sustainable community development.
  4. Accrediting the university academic programs to address contemporary scientific developments.
  5. Ensuring high quality assurance standards, achieving national and international accreditation for the university and its academic programs, and developing an international reputation.
  6. Applying an efficient administrative system that provides its services with transparency and integrity.
  7. Planning strategically for the development of infrastructure and science to achieve sustainable development in the university and society.
  8. Implementing academic research and scientific programs for monitoring and addressing social phenomena that may threaten the safety, security, and stability of society.